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Witnesses to Independence: recollections of 1916 and its aftermath

Echoes from History

Annie Sinnott, Kerry

The 1916 Rising and the struggle for Irish freedom. Much has been written about Ireland's national struggle for freedom over the centuries. With this collection, Irish Life and Lore present the voices of those who experienced those years.

The 1916 Rising Oral History Collection, an entirely new series of recordings, is now available. The recollections and memories of relatives and descendants of historical figures who were central to the events of Easter Week are being recorded.

The Witnesses of Independence Oral History Collection (previously known as ‘Recollections of 1916 and Its Aftermath’) is a collection of recordings done in the early 2000s with those who witnessed the 1916 Rising and its aftermath, particularly in Kerry. Irish Life and Lore also published a book based on these recordings.

The Irish Life and Lore recordings include not only a Collection around 1916 and its aftermath but also recordings in other Collections, including the Great Houses and Offaly, which feature memories of these events.



Listen here to Maurice O'Keeffe's introduction to the Witnesses to Independence Oral History Collection (previously known as the ‘Recollections of 1916 and Its Aftermath’) of recordings and some excerpts from interviews.

Click on a name to play an excerpt from an interview. Use the player controls to stop, play, etc.

From our collection

Robert Monteith, Daniel Bailey and Roger Casement
L-R: Robert Monteith (with moustache); Private Daniel Bailey, and (2nd from right) Roger Casement, on board the submarine U-20. See 1916 Collection, CD13.
Austin Stack postcard
Austin Stack postcard, from a series of postcards "Irish Rebellion, 1916".
Rosalie Rice, Post Office, Kenmare, Co. Kerry
2nd from right:- Rosalie Rice, Post Office, Kenmare. See 1916 Collection, CD13.
Eily O'Flaherty with comrade in arms
Eily O'Flaherty with comrade in arms, see 1916 Collection CD25.
Irish Rebellion, May 1916 Dublin
Postcard 'Irish Rebellion May 1916. A group of officers with the captured rebel flag'. Probably in Dublin.
Charles Cooke in his hackney car, 1916
Charles Cooke, driver, in his hackney car, 1916. See 1916 Collection CD21.
Fighters during the Revolutionary Period
Fighters during the Revolutionary period.
M.O. Gidlow, Garda Sergeant Geary and Helen Markett, October 2004
M. O. Gidlow, Garda Sergeant Geary and his daughter, Helen Markett, on October 13 2004, three days before his death. See 1916 Collection, CD7-CD10.


Irish Life & Lore Series

Recollections of 1916 and its Aftermath, book 

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