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Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection

Horse Racing Ireland Collection

Irish Life & Lore proundly presents our latest publication Racing Reflections – The Lives and Times of Irish Racing People, supported by Horse Racing Ireland. This book contains a selection of 25 profiles based on interviews carried out by Maurice O'Keeffe for the Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection. The highly illustrated profiles included are Alan Lillingston, Barbara Collins, Cahir O'Sullivan, Francis Flood, Jacqueline O'Brien, Jim Berney, Clem Magnier, Johnny Kierans, Luke Mullins, John Burns and Rosaleen Tonson Rye, Marguerite Weld, Dermot Weld, Michael Kinane, Norman Colfer, Mick O'Toole, Phonsie O'Brien, Christopher Gaisford-St Lawrence, Sonia Rogers, Stan Cosgrove, Tunney Galvin, Valentine Lamb, William Robinson, Tommy Murphy, Paddy Woods, Betty Galway-Greer.

From the back cover: ‘Within the covers of Racing Reflections – The Lives and Times of Irish Racing People, the life experiences of twenty-five extraordinary people are narrated in their own unique voices. Tales of energetic and purposeful youth are recounted, followed by both positive and negative experiences of the complicated world of the horse breeder, trainer, jockey and owner. Good days and bad are recalled, and the excitement and the thrill of winning is lived once again in vivid memory.’
‘Racing is in the blood of the Irish people, a passion which passes through the generations with ease, and which continues to produce world leaders in breeding, training and racing. The Irish landscape is uniquely suited to horse breeding, but it is the human factor which sets us apart, with a horse sense that ranges from basic good husbandry to an almost mystical identity with the thoroughbred racehorse. The stories within these pages are a gateway into that remarkable world, told with generosity and openness, capturing a past which has led us to our modern position as a world leader in the most interesting sport and industry of them all.’

207pp. 142 colour and black/white photographs. By Margaret Lantry and Jane O'Keeffe. Foreword by Denis Brosnan, Chairman, Horse Racing Ireland. €5 from the sale of each book will be contributed to the Jockeys Accident Fund (in Ireland). ISBN 978-0-9574611-0-9. 2012.

Horse Racing Ireland

ISBN:978-0-9574611-0-9    SKU: BK-RACING

The Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection, 46 interviews, was launched on November 19, 2012, at the headquarters of Horse Racing Ireland, Ballymany, The Curragh, Co. Kildare. All 46 interviews are available for download (MP3) at €6.99 each.


L/R:  Jane and Maurice O`Keeffe of Irish Life and Lore, Turf Club Senior Medical Officer Dr. Adrian McGoldrick, HRI Director of Marketing Michael O`Rourke

On June 28th, 2013, the first day of the Derby Festival at The Curragh, we presented a cheque to the Jockeys Emergency Fund. This represents 25% of the sales of our book Racing Reflections: The Lives and Times of Irish Racing People, which was co-authored by Margaret Lantry and Jane O'Keeffe with the financial support of Horse Racing Ireland. Thank you all for buying the book and we hope you enjoyed it!

Presentation to Dr Adrian McGoldrick, Turf Club Senior Medical Officer, by (left) Jane and Maurice O'Keeffe of Irish Life & Lore of a €8,395 cheque to the Jockeys Emergency Fund. Also pictured is (right) Michael O'Rourke, HRI Director of Marketing and Communications.
Racing Reflections book sales raise over €8k for Jockeys Emergency Fund (HRI press release)

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Sound bites

Listen here to sound bites taken from the Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection (14 minutes).

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Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection

The Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection – 46 interviews available for purchase now.